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Guest on ‘The Jesse Tee Show’

The Jesse Tee Show

I had the pleasure of being invited to the fantastic podcast ‘The Jesse Tee Show’.

During the show we talked about a wide range of topis covering  the NYC Marketing Academy, Maurice’s upcoming book ‘Roadmap to marketing success‘ and much more.

Jesse, host of ‘The Jesse Tee Show’ really is great at what he does and very knowledgeable about marketing himself. It will be an hour that’s well invested and very entertaining.

You can listen to the show everywhere podcasts are available as well as watch it here: The Jesse Tee Show #83 featuring Maurice Hofmann of NYC Marketing Academy


The episode of ‘The Jesse Tee Show’ that features Maurice is now available on Apple Podcast. Listen to it here.


About Maurice

Maurice Hofmann is a serial entrepreneur, marketing and digital marketing specialist, who is known for his innovative drive as well as his ability to lead cross functional teams to achieve the highest level of success. In his 20 year spanning career, he has experienced all aspects of marketing, working in various global roles spreading across TV production, Army ‘Psychological Operations, as an owner of a Brand Experience agency or as a leader of marketing departments for several software companies, start-ups and as a M

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