Financial Forecasting For Small Businesses

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What Does Forecasting Have To Do With It?

I know that, unless you are a financial consultant of sorts, managing that aspect of your business is likely the least favorable. Invoicing, bookkeeping, taxes, managing incoming payments, paying your bills, or simply knowing your financial standing is a business. None of it is fun. It’s not why you started your business. That wasn’t the vision, right?

It’s not that bad if you have the right tools. Knowing and understanding the financials is vital for the long-term survival of your company. It is that simple. We all have to face it if we want to keep our businesses open and keep enjoying what lets us get up with a smile on our faces in the morning.

So let this course help you: ‘Financial Forecasting for Small Businesses’

Our Goal: Letting The Numbers Tell A Story About Your Business!

With ‘Financial Forecasting for Small Businesses,’ we provide you with the know-how and the tools to manage your business better with less time invested. It further allows you to look like a pro when the next visit with your bank or tax consultant comes around because now you can provide them with a comprehensive overview of your business.

‘Financial Forecasting For Small Businesses’ Comes With A Free Download Of The ‘NYMA Financial Forecasting Workbook’!

This NYMA workbook is a proven excel sheet that will provide you with a number helpful functionality that allows you to stay on top of your finances with ease. Costs, revenue, cash flow and profitability overviews are right there for you. What’s even better, is that it allows you to improve your forecasting drastically. With well laid out templates and guidance, you will soon be able to forecast future revenue like a sales professional.

Full Tutorial of ‘NYMA Financial Forecasting Workbook’ Included!

As part of this course, you will learn to use the workbook and maximize its value to you. And, should there be a time that you do have a question, Maurice and his team will be right there for you to provide guidance or adopt the NYMA workbook for you.


Here are the details of the course:

What To Expect in Class

This is the start if you want to manage the finances of your company like a professional. Expect a pragmatic overview of the terminology, work with financial and sales forecasting, and much more. Of course, the ‘NYMA Financial Forecasting Workbook’ is included as a free download. An in-depth tutorial and demo of the excel sheet will make using the workbook as easy as ABC.

How To Prepare for Class

The class needs no preparation from your side initially when first taking it. Later, when you want to use the workbook and follow the steps, it makes sense to have the necessary numbers ready. However, since you can always go back to the tutorial lessons, you can easily repeat either step to make sure you know exactly how to maximize both the class and the workbook for you.

We’ll Be Right There With You

This class will change how you do business and look at numbers forever. At the end of the course, you will have a deeper appreciation for the value of understanding and applying the tools of financial management and forecasting. In the end, this is about you and your business.

We are happy to be there for every step along this journey and beyond. You can always reach out to us or book a free consultative session with Maurice.

Register now, and we’ll see you in class!


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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to manage the revenues, costs, profitability, cash flow, and sales forecasting of future revenues for your company.

Course Content

FINFOR Downloads

  • FINFOR Downloads

FINFOR-PT1 Course Introduction

FINFOR-PT2 Importance of Financial Forecasting

FINFOR-PT3 Forecasting in Sales

FINFOR-PT4 Forecasting Sales Performance

FINFOR-PT5 Forecasting Sales Means Leading your sales team

FINFOR-PT6 How to create weighted sales

FINFOR-PT7 Example of a sales forecasting scale

FINFOR-PT8 Cashflow vs. income vs. costs

FINFOR-PT9 Costs of goods

FINFOR-PT10 Fixed Costs and variable costs

FINFOR-PT11 Operating Costs

FINFOR-PT12 Opportunity Costs

FINFOR-PT13 Affording the opportunity

FINFOR-PT14 Workbook Demo

FINFOR-PT15 Conclusion

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