Welcome to the NYC Marketing Academy!

Welcome to the NY Marketing Academy

NYC Marketing Academy (NYMA) is an online space where beginners learn marketing basics, and experienced marketers come to freshen their skills and stay up on the latest marketing trends. At NYMA, we cover a wide range of topics for start-ups, small business owners, or anyone interested in marketing.

This is what you can learn at NYMA:

  • Strategy – for start-ups, business, and marketing plans.
  • Product Marketing – positioning, messaging.
  • Marketing Research – target markets, segmentation, analytics.
  • Marketing Communication
  • Digital Marketing – social media, websites, public relations.
  • Customer Success
  • Best practices, and more.

Explore our blog posts and affordable marketing courses (coming in July). You can also contact me to schedule a quick consulting session to discuss specific topics, challenges, or tasks you want to tackle.

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We’ve Got You Covered.



Don’t worry about a thing. We design every class to make sure you have a great time while becoming a marketing pro!


Everything you need, and more

I’ll be there every step of the way. And beyond the step-by-step guidance, you can reach out to the community or me when you have questions.
If you need extra help, switch to consulting courses that include personalized one-on-one sessions with me.

Learn anytime, anywhere

Access classes from any device, anytime (coming in July). Join NYMA, and you join a family. Every course you purchase is always available. Invest in yourself, dig in, and grow on your schedule!

Reach your objectives

Explore our selection of classes, and you will see we designed them to give you the know-how to achieve the business objectives you had in mind when you found the NYC Marketing Academy!

Made with your success in mind

Our sole purpose is to make you a successful entrepreneur or marketer, so go for it! Take advantage of the classes and support we offer and make this your success story. Together, we’ll get you there.

Everything at a glance!

Stick around and this is what we’ll have for you

Business Strategy

Define your objectives and generate additional revenue streams.

Market Intelligence

Why you need to segment your target audience and how to create segments and personas.


Build your marketing operation.

Marketing Communication

Create a communication operation for your company that converts leads into customers.


Create a successful launch/product introduction campaign.

Digital Marketing / Social Media / eBusiness

Definitions, get started, and everything related to those three essential topics.

Register now and take advantage of these early bird offers:

  • Early access to exclusive content
  • Special deals, free course materials, and limited packages
  • Free, one-hour personal consult with me via a 1:1 live video session, during which we discuss your situation
Take just one step every day for a few days, and you will be surprised how quickly you’ll progress.

And you will be proud.

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