Hello, I am Maurice.

I am a marketing lifer, a serial entrepreneur, a dad, a husband, a nerd and hungry most of the time.

My friends and colleagues, appreciate my out-of-the-box thinking and my very pragmatic way to explain complicated matters in an easy way.  I love what I do and I am good at it. Especially, when I am able to help people so they can succeed.

This is why I’ve started the NY Marketing Academy to share my know-how and experience with you, to help you getting started, become more successful and feel good about yourself and what you do.

Starting and growing a business is hard.

I am here to make it a lot easier for you.

Sincerely, Maurice

Take just one step each day for a few days.

You will be surprised how far you’ve come after a short while.

And you will be proud.

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Register early and take advantage of these early-bird offers: 

  • Early access to exclusive content
  • Special deals, free course materials and limited packages
  • Free one-hour personal consulting with me in form of a 1:1 live video session, during which we discuss your individual situation



What you will get from the NYMA:

  • Business Strategy: Defining your objectives and finding ways to generate additional revenue streams
  • Market Intelligence: Why you need to segment your target audience and how to create segments and personas
  • Marketing: How to set-up your marketing operation
  • Marketing Communication: How to create a converting customer communication operation for your company
  • Campaigns: What it takes to create a successful launch / product introduction campaign
  • Digital Marketing / Social Media / eBusiness: Definitions, Getting-Started & everything else around those three key topics
  • and much more!


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