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Gig Economy; the Big Solution to SMBs

Resourceful. Accessible. Reasonable.

Rethink how you market your business and create content


Let’s admit that there is truly no way of avoiding having a marketing plan. Neither is there a way around creating content even if you’re a Small or Midsize Business (SMB). In the current business context, marketing and content creation have become the name of the game.

This is how businesses stay relevant and connect with customers.

It is how businesses communicate their values and propositions.

This is how businesses remain in business.

Having a marketing strategy and a plan for content creation is no longer only the domain of large companies. There is no longer the need for hiring own digital and advertising agencies, or even an in-house marketing department.

Given this background, what happens to SMBs who cannot afford to hire specialized agencies?

What of them who are unable to manage the overheads of a specialized department in their offices?

For example, even if an SMB wants to employ a full-time content creator, it is difficult to find a single person who can write, design, and manage content. The job probably requires more than one person. And even if you have found the perfect, versatile content creator, he or she is going to cause a significant dent to the wallet. The alternative of course is for SMBs to create their own content with no real expertise. Although DIY marketing sounds cheaper initially, in the long run it is going to cost your business; your communication is going to be sporadic, aimless, weak, and on the whole, not what your business needs.


The solution?


Welcome to the Gig economy!

The gig economy is how SMBs can market their brand. They can create content curated by industry specialists, at a fraction of the cost of having their in-house marketing departments or an agency on a monthly retainer. There are a number of online platforms today that offer marketing solutions from the point of idea conceptualization, to designing and development, and execution. These platforms offer competitive services at inexpensive price points.

The best thing about gig economy platforms is that they are teeming with highly focused industry specialists who can aid you with the successful completion of any task at hand. I personally use and have had positive experiences with the completion of specific projects.


Broad Range of Platform

There are of course other platforms that allow you to conveniently outsource your content creation and marketing requirements. Refer this article to see how platforms such as 99designs that specializes in delivering design-related content, and other assignment based gig sites such as, Upwork, and TopTal compare with fiverr when it comes to pricing, expertise, and security. Each platform has its own set of pros and cons. However, every SMB can find just the right gig delivery site that can cater to its specific needs.

The only option that SMBs do not have is not having a marketing plan at all! Read this to find out how not having a marketing plan is one of the top reasons for SMBs to fail.

The good news is your small business need not fail owing to a lack of marketing acumen. Among other resources, right here on this NYC Marketing Academy site you can find courses and blog posts that would help you learn and understand your Marketing A, B, Cs.


Additionally, the gig economy also offers assistance that goes beyond the basics of marketing and content creation. For starters, NYC Marketing Academy offers a free 30-minute consultation session for executives looking to take their businesses to the next level of success.


Executive Business & Leadership Support On-Demand

The gig economy even has solutions for small businesses on the lookout for strong leadership. An important factor that can drive them in the trajectory of success. for example, allows businesses to hire vetted personnel, experts in the areas of sales, marketing, and technology. These dynamic free agents can be hired on a project basis, just for the interim period, or on a part-time basis. They come aboard your business and offer direction as you take your next big step.

That’s right, the gig economy is resourceful enough to find you your very own top-tier personnel to launch your start-up. They will enable you to close an investment deal, or simply offer guidance on how to best take advantage of new capital and market opportunities.

The gig economy is here to stay. It is one of the viable, reasonably valued, and easily accessible options for SMBs to up their game. Creating better content, be it a swanky new poster or a responsive website is now convenient and cheap. You really have no excuse to lag.

When even senior executive support is now available within a few days without much ado, it is only fair to say that the gig economy is the solution for young and small companies to benefit from expert support within their budgets.


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Maurice Hofmann is a serial entrepreneur, marketing and digital marketing specialist, who is known for his innovative drive as well as his ability to lead cross functional teams to achieve the highest level of success. In his 20 year spanning career, he has experienced all aspects of marketing, working in various global roles spreading across TV production, Army ‘Psychological Operations, as an owner of a Brand Experience agency or as a leader of marketing departments for several software companies, start-ups and as a M

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